The popular songwriter Christian Sutter living in New Jersey whom released the album World’s Best Processor in 2019 was never going to include the song Meet Me At The Cafe. The song that was supposed to make the ten song album was titled; “Kill The Mafia.” The song lyrics for the song include; “I’m going to kill the mafia. I can’t say when I’ll be home. I’ve got them dead to rights where justice is broken.” was replaced without much notice. The election to make the decision that resulted in “Meet Me At The Cafe” finding the album was made by Sutter with great reason. Follow Sutter’s live broadcast channel Sutter on YouNow!

“When I was 18 years old I hung myself out of my bedroom window. I’ve battled depression for a long time. These days I’m trying to live as long as possible. That comes with a mindset of awareness as to why enduring life is always going to make more sense that suicide. A local student from Emerson New Jersey killed themselves in 2018. I’ve lost a few friends to suicide and I know it’s not easy to deal with all life offers. Therefore, I felt I would write a song that offers some form of remedy.

If you’re suffering from depression please seek professional help.

Meet Me At The Cafe was a line that worked because it’s reference applies some place to find refuge when depressed. I’m a victim of terrorists hack. That victimization comes with the knowledge that USA was supporting (*Since the YPG fund freeze. PKK and YPG are founded by same founder. USA was funding YPG. The USA fund froze the YPG at the order of Donald J. Trump.) an entity of the same terrorists under a different name. The stress of a war declaration landing on a tech startup website was toxic and created PTSD. My way to fight back was by writing a political song. I never wanted to be political nor do I want to be political in the future. The stress of this all has definitely conjured suicidal thoughts that made me promise to my fans that I’ll endure. I created the Skater Movement after my skater friend would kill himself. It’s a movement that requests my fans dedicate 20,000 life hours into something to make an attempt at reason for endurance. I read news articles every day and found another incident that hit my current hometown. I felt that the Meet Me At The Cafe song would apply that giving yourself time is what you need when depressed. I look at alcohol like a depressant. The cure for too much liquor requires time to sober up. ‘Give yourself the chance to cool out. Believe you’re beautiful to someone.’

Join the Skater Movement and promise that you’ll endure life to be a master. You don’t have to be a skater, or have a skateboard, choose your masters path and dedicate yourself to the Royal Highness King Christian El Capitaine Sutter’s Heraldry archive. Ask the Sire Michiel Van East how to get the Capitaine’s Heraldry.

It took time to cool out and believe that there was hope at life after terrorist war declaration. In 2013 after my calls to the FBI rang to a nude hotline, when attempting to follow up on a report made in January, I was depressed. February 2013 was a bad time that resulted in major suicidal depression. May 20th 2013 was an incident that was PTSD creating by way of failure to understand the possibility as to how it happens. When your call doesn’t get to the first responder. That moment is a shocking one. I recall traveling by bus in attempts to catch the Spring Valley Line train in Montvale. That morning in 2013 I walked to the tracks to watch the train. I wanted to know what it would be like if my neck was on the track. I felt it was an easy to give up. The train passed and I sprinted to a bus. I took the bus to beat the train to Montvale. I walked up the tracks and stood their waiting. I was in a place no one was watching thinking to lay my neck down as the train arrived. I felt there could be a flaw should the conductor see me on the tracks. It was daylight. I elected to walk away from the tracks after watching the train pass a second time. I walked from Montvale back to Emerson. At that point I felt that my dreams were compromised by a forced default and I needed to discover the crooks behind my downfall. I took the time to give myself a chance. And, I’m glad that I decided to walk away from that train.”

The “Take The Trump Train” song would gain popularity on Periscope after Sutter achieved the goal of verifying his profile. Election day 2016 Sutter would be made more famous with the #1 broadcast on Periscope election day.

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“I never met the girl that took her own life. I know it happens. I know it can effect people. I hope everyone endures. One mistake can cost a lifetime. Don’t make the mistake that I was thinking to make at the worst points in my life. Condition your mind to tell yourself positive things. Fight back against the corruption that arms the terrorists that have declared war on nations of your forefathers origin. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible. You may be a master one day. But, know that it takes at least 20,000 hours dedicated into one thing specific. That requires a lot of time. It’s a waste of time to contemplate suicide. I hope you enjoy my new album.” is a website maintained by Christian Sutter. The author and sole blog writer of Songwriter Zone! If you would like to appear on send a DM to Christian Sutter and tell your songwriter story!

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