Songwriter Daddy Kid Lyric Videos Releasing On YouTube!

Daddy Kid Lyric Videos on YouTube

Have you listened to the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album yet? This music released January 1st 2018! The live broadcasting celebrity independent music producer Christian Thomas Sutter made it possible for fans to get this album on Apple Music (iTunes)Google  Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify! You can sing along to the lyric videos being released on the official Daddy Kid YouTube!  When thinking about an amazing songwriter.

Does Christian Sutter come to mind?

Sutter says that the album should make people feel happier. The simple explanation is theorized to focus on the basis of positive suggestion. The song’s by majority offer lyrics that use suggestive properties to promote positive reinforcement.

Daddy Kid Quote

“This album was created to provide people with a positive set of songs that reinforce a happy lifestyle.”

The thought process that recalls positive reinforcement within daily music regiment has done well with fans! The music is popular on Spotify and has made sales on (iTunes) Apple Music. Buy the Daddy Kid Power’s of Ten album if you’re interested in making the album your daily regiment positive reinforcement.

The first video uploaded to the YouTube channel released Saturday July 7th 2018! Find the track Eternal on YouTube! While listening to the song you’ll notice it’s written for cosplayers. Have you ever wondered why people gather at animation festivals wearing costumes? If, you’ve ever fallen in love with a cartoon character. Than, you may already know the desire to dress up as a Pikachu. Daddy Kid plays Pokémon Go under his first artist name CTSUTTER. While, the song doesn’t include the lovely captures that get caught in gamers Poké balls. The lyric accent the ideal of imaginary role play and fantasy. The song Eternal was written with gamer’s in mind. Gaming can subject players to content that opposes a positive reinforcement in some aspects. In the world of first person shooters, and massive multiplayer online games, there are many amazing “skins” (avatar attire) to wear in the real world. Sutter recalls driving home from Las Vegas Nevada where he lived in Summerlin South in summer of 2012.  While driving back to Emerson New Jersey he couldn’t find a place to rest for the evening when pulling off the highway. The area was full of people dressed up in costumes like Spiderman, Supergirl, and there were Pika’s too! The communal support for the art of animation was what made Sutter feel he wanted to connect with the audience. In the song Eternal lyrics the intro beings with “I like to play games too. Let’s play a game.” From the very start CTSUTTER is building the idea of a role play setting.

Daddy Kid Quote

“Assume the role play. It’s a powerful thing to understand the assumption of character when performing for an audience. Daddy Kid is a character that I’ve created to provide an additional avenue of performance as an entertainer.”

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