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A professional songwriter must be incessant to rise up in the music industry today. With the power of independent music professionals gracing the scene of todays music industry anything can happen. But, in order to make something happen takes activation and planning. If you actively engage performing acts as a songwriter the chances are you’ll eventually write songs for professionals in the industry. It can be a lengthy process that requires determination. Songwriters zone has been created to help songwriting readers strategize in todays music industry. You never know when you’ll make a hit song! Let’s take the strategy of a production in Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. The release date is New Years Day and that provides the music with 365 days to accumulate spins on places like Spotify. The pre release sale provides a way to edge ahead of the competition entering music into 2018’s array of content.  Listen to the clips below and find out more about the Daddy Kid music marketing plan by following #PowersOfTenChallenges on Instagram and Facebook.

Can Daddy Kid change the face of the google search results is the question. The driving force is those who assemble to participate in the challenges. Join the Daddies Kids social media family and enter the competitions associated with the album in 2018!

Are you ready for a #Virtual #PolefitCompetition? Select a song from the #PowerOfTenAlbum, film yourself doing your…

Posted by Pole Fitness Competitions on Tuesday, December 12, 2017