How Do I Make Money On Social Media? How Can A Songwriter Make Money While Showcasing Their Work?

Wouldn’t it be great? To make money on social media in every post! Is it possible?

Social media requires content! Check out the song Want To Smash because it’s dedicated to content generators and vLoggers alike!

Is it possible? For some it’s possible. There are people that have created powerful accounts of crypto currency reward baring forms of social media like that are living proof!

What beats playing video games with the potential to be upvoted and rewarded with crypto? If you’re into video games sure! 


What is Steemit? Is it a website for songwriters?

Social media often means a broad base of interests that’s collected. Those with user accounts can find content of similar interest. Those interests can create reasons for networking virtually. The forms of connectivity today are diverse. Steemit is a form of social media where user accounts can reward one another with upvotes. Be sure to read and understand the terms and agreements before you attempt to register for an account. If you feel that Steemit’s social media platform is right for you than you can use a referral link to DLive. The social media offers a number of platforms that include DLive’s live broadcasting service for users! Live broadcasts can also equate to crypto rewards! Songwriters can find DSound and upload content to showcase. In the case of Christian Sutter the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album (on iTunes) would be placed on DSound. The links are part of an experiment. The song writer of the Take The Trump Train song has versatility in full display fronting @Sutter DSound profile. Will it result in positions of ghost writing or production of other artists? The Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album (On GoogleMusic) was produced to display the ability to create music for those that are interested in creating diversity in their content. Offering links on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMusic, and GoogleMusic are one way to get started with your music. You’ll need to work with a distribution offering that submits copyrighted materials for digital store sales to catch up to Daddy Kid (On Amazon). You’ll find links in this article with posts appearing on DSound. The posts themselves are part of an experiment testing bots against promotion offerings of the Steemit promote button. The learning experience may reveal interesting factors for every Steemit account holder to think about. Steemit is a lot like any other social media and songwriters interested in the website can visit the Sutter account with this link.

How is this site configured with Steemit?

Two plugins are currently sharing feeds of @Sutter and @ResteemMuse. The account hyperlink entry is made easy on Steemit. This post will be published on This post will also find it’s way onto @Steemit by way of @Steempress-io. The benefit for WordPress users can be found in the potential to be awarded an upvote from the Steempress plugin account on Steemit. With over 1,000,000 in Steem Power Up successful publications like this one may be awarded a random upvote! The posts in links found in this article from @DSound will have hyperlinks placed into the text on WordPress. The links will transfer seamlessly into Steemit.  Links will actively bounce upon clicking to the desired articles referenced by sub domain implementation. This site does use two plugins that create some benefit when considering a Steemit account. Posts from other blogs maintained by Christian Sutter have been upvoted by the randomizer and resulted in crypto currency rewards for a few articles already!

More about the bot experiment please! What’s a bot? How do Steemit bots work?

The experiment! Absolutely! What is a bot? Steemit has a multiple of offerings that provide upvote or resteem services. There are many things that are going on all at once. It’s a little difficult to understand. But, services are easy to apply. Sending SBD or Steem Backed Dollars can result in the request for upvotes or resteems. Some accounts have automated ability to upvote upon request provided they are furnished with the power to respond. These bots will upvote and can result in a profit or a loss for users. The Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album (On Spotify) was used to provide an experiment that would provide case examples for study. Lyric videos previously placed on @DTube did earn some rewards. This test was one that applied uploading content to @DSound. Follow the links below to learn more about the experiment!


Visit the link above to understand more about the experiment. Once you have an idea of exactly what’s going on you can see the posts that are used in the experiment below.

Each song was provided with an expenditure report. The links below will provide a link to one of Daddy Kid’s songs and beneath it a link to the expenditure report. Rewards will be curated in 8 days. And, here’s an important thing to think about. The price of STEEM and SBD fluctuate. Hypothetically, using a upvote bot service may or may not reward for any number of reasons. You may notice that frequent and rapid use of the bots diminished voting power of those bots while in experiment. Results may furnish some losses due to a few factors. One of the posts had an error in sending to the wrong account! The account may refund the accidental send. But, if it doesn’t there’s no way to recall the funds! Therefore, should you use upvoters enter your information carefully. One of the posts includes an promote button expenditure of 1.5 SBD. But, when waking up the next morning. There was no activity on the posts. A few bots were used to bump up the rewards for the potential of curation. Will it be a loss or a win? Each post is different! Find them all below!

WILL YOU MAKE MONEY ON SOCIAL MEDIA WITH THIS INFORMATION? It’s anyones guess! There are no such thing as get rich quick schemes. May all the readers have fun following this experiment on the popular website!



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