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Welcome to Songwriter’s Zone

This website was created by songwriter Christian Sutter. The popular songwriter with songs like VSCO Girl and Want To Smash. You’ll find a few topics below. This website will attempt to answer some of the most challenging questions for songwriters. Find the Songwriters Zone Facebook and comment on the community section if you have any questions you would like to ask.

What are the keys to writing a great song?

What if a VSCO girl with a massive following on Tiktok released this song as a recording artist? How many views do you think it would get after a full year? Comment on YouTube and subscribe!

What kind of content can best assist when reaching the people with music?


The VSCO Girl song writting session created the song instantly. It’s as if the VSCO lifestyle is poetic. Social media is one or another when considering VSCO. Basic or eGirl – eGuy. You can call yourself VSCO if you’re an ePerson and be VSCO. It’s elaborate in the explaination. ePeople may jump into that stream for the trend. Songwriters following trends beware. Trends sometimes fade out. If your trending song becomes an anthem for an entire generation that can relate the TBT’s may arrive years later. Writing to the trends may produce that content that takes your songwriting to the next level online. The key is reaching a large audience. But, only so many have the power to achieve that goal. Artists are known for doing nearly anything to extend their reach. Those that are famous in the music industry have stories that appear unreal. Follow the trends or stick to your own style. Find insights about songs like VSCO girl! The better understanding of the concept resulted in a very cool song! #sksksksksk #iOop are things that may spark your curiosity. If you’ve ever asked; “What is the deal with iOop and sksksksks?” It’s relating to the VSCO form of basic social media. If your post is basic it’s VSCO. If your post has elaborate work to achieve an asthetic that’s competitive you’re an ePerson. The difference is hoodie and shorts vs silk sheets and lingerie. You don’t have to enjoy wearing heels on your bed if you’re VSCO. Both catagories are in it to get their social media trending. Next year the song inspirations may be based around another trend!

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